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For women who've lived & loved longer!

Alchemy du Corps is a new Mediterranean-born brand of luxe, high-performing natural products for mature skin wellness. Celebrate your unique beauty with seductive skincare and fall in love with yourself again!

Our Philosophy

Botanical Beauty

Our advanced green science formulas work in synergy with your skin and confident stage in life. We use precious extracts from time-honoured Mediterranean plants with proven efficacy in reducing the visible signs of aging.

Marine Magic

Let yourself be seduced by the sensuality of the sea and sun! As a Mediterranean born and inspired brand, we capture the sensuousness and secrets of the sea, imparting well-being to your skin, self and soul.

Simple Sophistication

We believe that less is more in nurturing your skin. Our range uses the precise ingredients to unburden your skin and enhance your self care rituals without compromising on luxuriousness or performance.

Join us for Launch Exclusives and more than skin deep wellness tips.

Sensuous Rituals

Sense the wellness of a shoreline vacation in our Mediterranean-inspired products. Powerful marine and botanical extracts rejuvenate your skin and revitalise your self care rituals bringing a deep sense of well-being into your life. The sea's benessere brought to home beauty.

Selfcare rituals

Indulge Yourself in Skincare of Simplicity and Sophistication

Seductive Scents

Our fragrances are as seductive and enigmatic as the ancient Mediterranean region we call home. But their nuanced notes are always natural. We don't use synthetic fragrances in any of our products.