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Sea, Spa, Scents

Relaxed Mediterranean Skincare.

Our ethos

Botanical Beauty

Skin Synergy

Our natural formulas work in synergy with your skin gently and effectively releasing their active ingredients. We use innovative extracts from time-honoured Mediterranean plants and sea minerals with proven efficacy in hydrating and protecting your skin.

Be You!

Live, love, laugh!

Your face is your uniqueness so we're not about time-defying or false promises. We nurture your skin and celebrate your own kind of beautiful. We're all about relaxed skincare for body and soul not regimens. We're all for a Mediterranean vibe!

Less is More

Sensuous Self Care

We believe that less is more in nurturing your skin. Our range uses the precise ingredients to unburden your skin and enhance your self care rituals without compromising on luxuriousness or performance.

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